Island of flowers


Take the direction of the tip of the Arcouest the gates of Paimpol and embark Island Bréhat.
Only a ten minute boat ride separates the island from the mainland and yet it is the immediate scenery on the island was renamed “Island of Flowers” for the variety of its flora and the beauty of its landscapes.
Here, no engine: it circulates only on foot or by bike!
3.5 km long and one wide, 5 km, Bréhat revolves around two main islands to the south, the village, the church of the 16th century, houses full of charm and northern landscapes that evoke Ireland.
This island, surrounded by pink granite rocks has amazing vegetation. Because of its mild climate, frosts are rare fostering the development of exotic flora mimosas Australia, aloes, palms, eucalyptus, agaves … But among all this greenery, the flower that symbolizes the island’s most agapanthus, a purplish blue flower which blooms at the crossroads of all roads bréhatins.
In the north, the landscape changes character. Open to all the winds, it is more savage moors, rocks and at the end of the island, the immensity of the sea
Bréhat, a real paradise.